Our Team

If you want to go fast GO ALONE, If you want to go far GO TOGETHER

- African Proverb.

Dominique U. Alonga

Dominique is the mastermind behind this incredibly creative and intellectual hub. She is a very buoyant literature connoisseur.

Mico. G. Jamal

Passionate about marketing and sales, Jamal is an extrovert who turns everything into sing-song; he is a people person.

Malika Helene

Malika is a humble and diligent go-getter, in charge of public relations and coordinating finances.

Sandrine Bwiza

A hard worker, dedicated, creative and fun to hang out with. Sandrine Bwiza is a logistics and operation at Imagine We. She loves teaching and storytelling.

Aaron Migaywa

The young man behind our logistics, Aaron is full of life and enthusiastic about what he does

Crepin Gontran KAYISIRE

The vision behind our graphic design; Crepin is very focused on his work and has a great sense of humor.

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